2017 Beauty Trends: 10 Things To Look Forward To & 7 To Leave Behind

Here are the 2017 beauty trends that you can look forward to and the ones you need to get rid of. It’s a brand new year, so there are new beauty styles you can adopt. Be mindful of what not to take with you in this new year if you want to stand out.


Here are this year’s beauty trends that you can use to stand out: 

1. Super Long Hair. Kim Kardashian may have been recently coming out of the shell, but she leads this year’s beauty trend with her super straight and super long hair. It’s going to be long hair, don’t care this 2017, Marie Claire reports. If you need more inspiration, just look for works done by hairstylist Chris Appleton.

2. Glitter Lips. It’s the 90s again. It’s very easy to try. All you need to do is follow your routine – apply lip gloss and put some glitter of your choice – stars, dusts, what not! Your imagination is your limitation. You’ll also find it’s more wearable than you think so don’t worry about it falling off.

3. Glitter Strobing. Regan Rabandal from MAC shares a technique that takes highlighting to a whole new level. You can do it too by applying a strobing cream, highlighting powder, and fine glitters on the half-halo of your face.

4. Underliner. Marie Claire suggests it’s the trend you want to take a risk on this year. You can do an inverted cat eye under the lower lash line with glitter.

5. Blurred Lips. Matte lips are so last year. Diffuse the edges with your fingers and put more at the heart of your lips.

6. Face Gloss. Do you want to give your face a youthful boost? Use nonsticky gloss all over your face: eyes, cheeks, and collars.



1. Wave it with a Curling Iron. Flatiron shave been the usual go-to to achieve the it-girl wavy locks. This year you can apply Anh Co Tran’s waving technique with a 1.5-inch curling iron.

2. Microblading. This $700 technique fills up your brows 24/7. It’s a treatment that employs the use of micro needles inserting pigments of hair on your eye brows. It could last for two years and might be worth the buck.

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3. Body Makeup. Who says makeups can only be applied on the face to the collarbone? Proenza Schouler Spring 2017 show did monochrome painting on the ear lobes of its models and its rad.

4. Blorange Hair. That’s blonde and orange. It’s Marie Claire’s favorite washed-out hair job. But be forewarned, orange is one shade that’s tough to get rid of so your commitment is required.


Marie Claire also listed out the past year’s trend you need to steer away from.

1. Contouring. It makes your skin look matte-out and dry. An alternative to that is non-touring, which is the use of lighter foundation to make you look more natural.

2. Green thumb nail art. Someone managed to take things literally last year and made it trending. The use of tiny succulents as nail art is too crazy to be taken seriously this new year.

3. Instagram highlight. Instagram manages to make beauty looks more dramatic and appealing, but in real life, it’s not. To avoid the 4Instagram craze, use highlighter sparingly. Drop the additional sparkles too.

4. Instagram Brows. These are so masculine that it gives a woman a mean, witchy look. Mario Dedivanovic suggests that you should concentrate on the outer corners of your eyes. This lifts your face and gives it an elongated look.

5. Holiday Themed Eyeliners. Halloween bloody knives eyeliner was quite impressive, Marie Claire writes. But Valentine’s Day themes should be off the face.

6. Rainbow Hair Color. The hidden rainbow hair should not stay in the past. It’s a massive miss and it’s a whole pie of cheese.

7. Glitter Roots. Your hair roots are not the place to dust with glitters.






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