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Best results achieved when combined with Aloe Vera Gel drink

When it comes to fats, its important to make sure your body gets the right ones. Too much bad fat in your diet will result in increased lethargy and long term health issues.

A vital set of nutrients required for a healthy body, are the fatty acids. However, not all fatty acids provide the same benefits. Unfortunately, many diets include unhealthy levels of Omega 6’s which are traditionally derived from fried foods, vegetable oils, fake butter products, grain-fed animal fat and other modern convenience and processed foods. In addition, many diets are low in fish and Omega 3 consumption, which creates an unhealthy ratio of Omega 6: Omega 3 as high as 30:1! The key to getting back to a healthy ratio of DHA:EPA is increasing Omega 3 consumption and reducing Omega 6 intake.

What about consuming a good quality Omega 3,9 ? These nutrients serve several functions, including the make-up of the majority of the protective membrane that surrounds every one of our cells. They are also used by the body as major building blocks for the creation of body fat, needed in appropriate amounts to cushion and protect our internal organs and keep us warm. That means more energy, increased organ function and overall better health for you!

Unfortunately, the healthy fats which are found in fish and oils are often left out of modern day diets, meaning that many people are not correctly balancing their fat intake.

Forever Arctic Sea - Super Omega 3,9 can change all that!  The product is designed to balance your intake of fats and essential oils, maintaining a healthy balance within the body and guaranteeing long term health benefits. Forever Arctic Sea® now contains a proprietary blend of DHA-rich Calamari Oil, ultra-pure Omega 3 Fish Oil and High Oleic Olive Oil. This unique blend is exclusive to Forever Living and provides not only 33% more DHA per day, but creates the perfect balance of DHA and EPA for optimal health and wellness.

Forever Arctic Sea - Omega 3,9

The latest scientific findings of the last few decades of the last century in the area of nutrition produced  Arctic Sea - a combination of fish oil and olive oil. It is one of the balanced food supplements with manifold action. Because of the huge protective and therapeutic action of fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 9, this product deserves more attention.

Omega 3

The term Omega 3 means a group of fatty acids which have been discovered in the 1970ies. The discovery of Omega 3 has generated thousands of studies, scientific papers, and clinical research worldwide. Even if this is the case, still only few people really understand the role of Omega 3 and its mechanism of operation in the body. They are fundamental molecules in the structure and activity of cell membranes of the whole body. They have highly specialized functions in the neurological tissue especially in the brain and retina (brain is the fattiest organ of the body). Because of their role in cell membranes, Omega 3 fatty acids are essential in the forming of new tissue, and they are very important for growth and development. They also have a highly important role in prevention of degenerative changes and premature symptoms of aging. Researchers have shown that Omega 3 fish oils (cod, salmon, sardine, tuna), especially from the fish of cold arctic seas, are not only good to lessen the pain and inflammation, but also prevent degeneration and deterioration of the joint cartilage. According to some authors, the long molecular chains of Omega 3 EPA and DHA fatty acids lubricate the joints. The third Omega 3 acid is found in dark leafy vegetables, in linseed and some other oils, in walnuts etc. With the help of enzymes this acid becomes FPA in the body. All three of these acids have different roles and all three are necessary for good health.

Australian researchers have proven a connection between diet and degeneration of macula, which is stimulated by the lack of Omega 3 in the organism. Many studies from the end of 20th and the beginning of 21st century point to a connection between cardiovascular ailments and the lack of Omega 3 in the body. This has been linked for the first time in the researches done on Eskimos.

In the case of lack of polyunsaturated Omega 3 fatty acids, the organism uses saturated fatty acids to build cell membranes. The cell membranes that are thus created are less elastic, which negatively affects the cardiovascular system. In addition to this, nutritionists have come to conclusion that the ratio between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids is very important. In the typical western diet that ratio is out of balance, in favor of Omega 6 which is found in cereals, margarine, fried food, wholegrain bread... This shows that there is a high need to supplement diet with Omega 3, which-as science has proven-helps prevent and treat different ailments in varied ways.

Omega 9

Is monounsaturated fatty acid from olive oil. Its influence on lowering cholesterol levels has been proved in practice, especially in peoples who use olive oil in their diet, for example the countries of the Mediterranean. Omega 3 reduces cholesterol and tryglicerides in blood, and improves the general state of health.

In Arctic Sea the ratio is 3:1 for Omega 3 : Omega 9.

Scientific research has linked the consumption of saturated fatty acids, found predominantly in animal fat, with increased levels of cholesterol and a higher risk of heart attacks, while the unsaturated variety from vegetable oils do not have that effect. Forever Living Products has formulated a superior nutritional supplement to take advantage of the latest research into this important area of nutrition.

Arctic Sea Omega necessary to use at the following symptoms: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high tryglicerides, retention of water, poor eyesight, loss of memory, different forms of depression, frequent infections and inflammations, dry skin, tingling of muscles in arms and legs, etc. 

You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee

ARCTIC SEA - Omega 3,9, as a combination of fish and olive oils in its natural form is considered a supplement to modern diet.

By combining Omega-3 with Omega-9, it provides a safe and balanced supplement that can favorably support healthy blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Forever Arctic-Sea Super Omega-3 is a breakthrough in terms of a balanced supplement, using both vegetable and fish oils to derive the benefit of each. 

  What doctors say about Arctic Sea

The best results are achieved with simultaneous taking with Aloe Vera Gel

Therapeutic properties are especially pronounced in the following cases:


  • Lowering of cholesterol in blood and thus lowering the risk of cardiovascular problems.
  • Lowering of cholesterol deposits on the walls of arteries
  • Prevention of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Lowering of tryglicerides in blood, fats linked to obesity and heart attacks as well as strokes
  • Balancing of blood pressure
  • Slowing down the growth and development of cancerous tumors
  • Prevention of blood clots, making blood cells less sticky
  • In the treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema

Product Details

Omega-3 is an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid found in salmon and other seafood. Omega-9 is the unsaturated fatty acid found in vegetable products, like olive oil. Each capsule has an EPA content of 225 mg and 150 mg each of DHA and oleic acid, all of which are lacking in most Western diets. The benefits of EPA and DHA include supporting the circulatory system. They are needed for other functions, including the development and health of the eyes and brain, and can support proper joint function.


Fish Oil, Olive Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water, Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopherol)

Supplement Facts                                   
Serving Size 1 Softgel, Servings per Container 60

Amount Per Tablet %DV
Calories 10 Calories From Fat 10
Total Fat 1 g 2%*
Vitamin E 1 IU 3%*
Omega-3 fatty acids 375 mg †
EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) 225 mg †
DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) 150 mg †
Oleic Acid (from olive oil) 150 mg

CONTENTS 60 softgel capsules

DIRECTIONS For adults, take one or two capsules with meals, three times daily.

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You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee

Top 10 REASONS to take Forever New & Improved Arctic Sea Omega-3 Fish Oil

Forever Living Products have been for a long time excellent leader of nutritional supplement industry over the world. With more than thirty two years of experience on research and sales of excellent quality of aloe Vera and herb based products. New Arctic Sea is fallowing in this tradition!

  • Arctic Sea Omega-3 one of the most important nutritional product:

    The primary disease over the world come from cardiovascular problems and or insufficient blood circulation. The high quality of Omega 3 helps to balance the cardiovascular system by improving the function of the optimal blood circulation.

  • High Quality of Ingredients:

    The unique balanced blend, is a superior source of ultra pure Omega-3 including Fish oil (EPA and DHA), high Oleic olive oil, Calamari oi, lD-Alpha Tocopherol,Purified Water, and contains Fish (Salmon, Anchovy, Mackerel, Sardines).
    Additional there is an enriched with olive oil (omega-9 fatty acid) to stabilize omega-3 fatty acid vitamin E to ensure the fatty acid will not be oxidized. Vitamin E important component of Arctic Sea because helps better absorption of this supplement.

  • Optimizes Essential Fatty Acids Balance:

    Nowadays it is very difficult to find the appropriate amount of essential fatty acids in the daily food consumption. Some fishes – cold-water fatty fishes in particular – are rich in two forms of Omega-3 fatty acids which is important helps to maintain healthy cardiovascular system.  These are EPA(eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). EPA and DHA are in limited supply and only found in any real quantities in oily fish and fish oil supplements. Arctic Sea contains optimal amount of DHA and EPA fatty acids (more than 33%), that provides the balance of fatty acids required every day.

  • Promote Healthy Skin, Lungs, Eyes, Blood vessel:

    All these organs need a large amount of essential fatty acids. It is important to replenish the body’s supplies of Omega-3 for their optimal function.

  • Supported by Science:

    Many studies have proved the benefits that high consumption of Omega-3 fish oil and other high quality sources of DHA and EPA help to improve the cardiovascular system

  • Support Cellular Health:

    Omega-3 fatty acids are incorporated into cellular membranes in all tissues throughout the body, including organs as skin, lungs, heart, joints and blood vessel.

  • Promotes Healthy Cardiovascular System:

    I mentioned, Omega-3 rich in two substances (EPA and DHA), these are important elements that help lowering the harmful cholesterol level and the triglyceride as well decreasing the risk d of artery blockage. Omega-3 fats supports cardiovascular health by cleaning the arteries.

  • Promotes Memory, Healthy Brain and Cognitive Function:

    The new Forever Arctic Sea is rich in essential Omega-3 fats. These are critical for the healthy memory and brain functions.Daily consumption of Arctic Sea supports optimal performance of these vital organs.

  • Supports Healthy Immune System , Joint Function and Digestive System:

    Healthy eating that includes additional supplies of DHA and EPA are essential for vital organs like immune system, digestive and joints function. Forever Arctic Sea provides healthy and balanced amounts of DHA and EPA, therefore it is an excellent nutritional supplement for support your digestive and immune systems.

  • Linked to Emotional Health/Positive Energy and Mood:

    “I’m In Great shape!
    I took Forever Arctic Sea every other day for many years, but due to my genetics ( cardiovascular health issues run in our family). I had some cardiovascular challenges last summer. I knew I had to change some things, so I started eating better and immediately started taking Forever Arctic Sea every day. Stress test in April indicated that I am in great shape. I attribute this to my two healthy lifestyle choices, eating better and taking Forever Arctic Sea every day”. testimony by Darryl Bednarsky

    Do you have better emotion, better mood? Of course you feel better, if not suffer you any disease.

  • Extra benefits:

    Forever Arctic Sea soft gel size is much smaller than the usual, in order to easier to swallow (and with no unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth fish).

Forever Arctic Sea Super Omega 3 contains a range of ingredients, which will help you get the most from healthy living!  The product also contains Vitamin E, which has anti-oxidant properties.

Anti-oxidants help to remove and eradicate dangerous free radicals from the body, which can damage cell structure and affect your immune system. Anti-oxidants will promote cell growth and prevent free radicals from damaging your body, ensuring improved, long term health benefits.

  • Custom Omega 3 ratio to mimic a diet rich in seafood
  • All-natural citrus flavor for a pleasant aroma and minimal fishy flavor
  • Ocean friendly and responsibly sourced

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Forever Living is a multibillion dollar company that specializes in wellness and beauty products. The company lives on the simple philosophy of offering products which are tried and proven and keep interactions with the consumer personal.

Pricing details: The price for each box is 26.33 USD.  To check the prices in specific country  => select your country on the right to enter our online retail store.  This product is not available in Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand.

We also give you a 30 day guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the products.

Not All the Omegas Made Equal



There has never been a better time to  take control of your health and wellness! Forever Living’s product range is designed to make you look and feel better, on the inside and outside. Our customers full agree about the benefits of Forever Arctic Sea Super Omega 3 by Forever Living.

Here’s what they had to say;

“Forever Arctic Sea Super Omega 3 has really improved my health and wellness. My concentration is much better, and I feel much more on the ball than I used to!”

“I take Forever Arctic Sea Super Omega 3 to get all the essential nutrients from Omega 3 oils. I feel so much healthier using this product and would urge other people to try it too!”

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